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because it's not simple, and it's not what you're expecting.

[also i'll put this at the beginning and the end, because its important. if you want to be upset about something, that is your action. you do have other choices. ] you can ignore it, you can continue on, you can ignore it, you can ignore it. see when something bothers you it is not necessary to do anything.

sometimes it is, like if you spilled water on the floor, but if its the action of another person, then its not really the same thing, and there is room to look at it , from different angles to perhaps learn more of what is actually probably going on, because, this is helpful.]

ok so,

** [read on.] this is how someone who hasn't watched tv since 1998 interprets this and who doesn't watch the news or even own a tv. no, i dont live under a rock, yes i know it's an election year, and no i just don't have any use for a tv, i am way too busy doing things i am passionate about. the rest of the time, i eat and sleep, and consider this a good life. **

here's my thoughts, on decoding an article my friend asked me to check out while on the telephone earlier this afternoon, having a conversation about life, and shooting the breeze, as they say. The simple stuff. It's nice to talk to a friend while you're working, and they're working- with the understanding that when people come in the store you just switch to the website you're developing, or with any similar situation.


lets have an open mind, an open heart, and realize i am not a dick, nor actually having an opinion. wait, what? what do i mean? yeah let me be very clear about that.

the following is just how i am impartially analyzing the situation here. that does not mean it's my opinion. it means, “someone put this in front of me and said “make sense of it, please, what do you think?”

  • while traditionally that means it is “ones opinion,” on the topic, in this case, the strong points in there like “the govt isn't the enemy, and this has more to do with economic accounting and respecting that because it is a critical thing being done), and you do need to help them do it so they can create stable money. And before you get all “money is the problem” no it's not. your mentality and perspective is the problem. and the actual problem is how you apply your energy to other people, who say anything differently than your opinion- because you are... guess what? surprise! if thats you- this is an internal conflict- between the mis-matched reality of: why am i attacking this perfectly good person for having the courage to share with me their thought? see thats how a lot of neuroticism happens. i clearly dont find it difficult to express myself, but i literally have been working on that my entire life, consciously. Ive always been that peaceful pie in the sky kid, who is actually a realist, and totally paying attention, just... also dreaming and actively creating.

the older you get, the better you can learn to balance all of it.

but i wanted to give you a background that i'm a good solid dude, before i may or may not blow your mind, or more likely piss you off, (but not on purpose!) with the stuff i've inserted as my gander to what is going on here. i will say this now, nobody can say for certain whats going on at any given point anywhere, anyway. to want to know this is a fruitless human pursuit, and also instinctual, and if you can overcome the fear of death, you can have a really, really fucking awesome life, i am coming to learn, but i dont yet, but i do because i can see it- in my head, and i just work at that every day instead of getting worried about what people are worried about....

because that's the difference, thats the discipline i worked my entire life to develop and you probably already have it because you know how to hold a job, keep a schedule, just apply the same work ethic to your open mindedness, curiosity, rationality, logic, sense of well roundeness and balance, treatment towards other people, animals, things, yourself, emotional security, and personal growth you'll be set.

in life, in general.

** remember, nobody can piss you off until you allow it. **

okay so back to the rest of that analysis, I feel I've said enough.

Anyone know anything about this? I know one thing is that it does seem to be going in that direction this whole time . Please read below. If this does end up being true.... then we will know that the whole thing about conspiracies and theories was correct. or someone was able to predict the future based on behaviors of the current situation... Either way... Its the same dam thing! You know what I mean. [ what is this?] This leak from the inner circles of the Canadian government confirms all of our worst fears. They plan to use the COVID hoax as a pretext to destroy the economy and put everyone in the world under lockdown unless they accept the vaccine. They want to confiscate all of our property in exchange for a guaranteed income. And yes, they have a stronger virus planned. [ we are told this document comes from the canadian government.] [ {and this is not likely so far, and ive not read the rest.} ... ] I want to provide you some very important information. I'm a committee member within the Liberal Party of Canada. I sit within several committee groups but the information I am providing is originating from the Strategic Planning Committee (which is steered by the PMO). I need to start off by saying that I'm not happy doing this but I have to. As a Canadian and more importantly as a parent who wants a better future not only for my children but for other children as well. [ SPC of LPOC of PMO and crownland paranoid upwards ties, yes clearly the govt runs the govt doesn't matter what your role is, really. if it's true it's true, otherwise whatever. going forward.. ] The other reason I am doing this is that roughly 30% of the committee members are not pleased with the direction this will take Canada, but our opinions have been ignored and they plan on moving forward toward their goals. [ people disagree, such is life. big deal, because people can also agree. funny, that. ] They have also made it very clear that nothing will stop the planned outcomes. The road map and aim was set out by the PMO and is as follows: – Phase in secondary lockdown restrictions on a rolling basis, starting with major metropolitan areas first and expanding outward. Expected by November 2020. – Rush the acquisition of (or construction of) isolation facilities across every province and territory. Expected by December 2020. – Daily new cases of COVID-19 will surge beyond the capacity of testing, including increases in COVID-related deaths following the same growth curves. Expected by end of November 2020. [ one must test things. ] [ most people are extremely unhealthy anyway, and if you took one detail out of their lives, it would invariably kill some number of people statistically . and while that is obviously terrible,thats not why i believe this paragraph is here. you see, the tone has been escalating to trigger your primal synapses but it is escalating. watch for the words they use as you realize you're being verbally harassed into a fear ball by emotionally investing in imagining this stuff. and before you freak out and say but ramo i thought you believed in this stuff. well some of it is valid, but in this case, this is not what its being written as. and before you go “well what is it then?” sometimes life is complicated and cannot be reduced into a single sentence, if that pisses you off get smarter. im not smart at all, i am very determined though, kind of like how your dog likes your dinner and wont stop till its either all shared or you turn around, except i am never the second part. just determined to reach the goal- in the example the goal is the dog getting the steak. i have that level of instinct for underrstanding things, and not drawing conclusions on them, which is why i am attempting to read between the lines literally, while in a very calm mood, and attempt to offer not my perspective, not my perspective at all, but just ——a—– perspective, that differs from the one presesnted here, so the reader has a box by which to explore the possibilities between what i am saying and the situation in the box here. what i ask is you consider the LIKELYHOOD and resources it would require to carry out something like that. and when you think “but they're the “, they have all the money- no.. i said resources. things. man power. etc. big difference. plus the most important thing of all- motivation. what the heck would be the point? i swear, please just sit with this until you get upset and feel stupid , because thats the answer. .........what happened here is someone read a document that was about financial policy and mentioned the virus planning, and freaked out, and jammed their fear based reality into the summary of the financial document. this is nothing short of ridiculous, and no disprespect meant to anoyone. this is just uneducated, and not intentionally so. but it is not anything i find any use in, whatsoever.—- but back to my take on just having commmon sense... and chillaxing a bit. but still, being safe, and respectful of all human beings- because we all deserve that from each-other. and still, nobody is perfect so if i seem like an asshole or a butt-head anywhere in here, its because my back has been recovering from a very long injury, and right now it feels funny how i'm sitting, and on a primal level- that makes more than likely, even the tone of what i am writing- possibly sarcastic, because the mind- is feeling the pain, even though the mind only registers it as “feels weird under behind,” the emotions are what cause the tension, because there is a memory of a history of fallling a lot , and how much that hurt. see, us humans are funny. that is the same kind of influence i am speaking about with regard to your fear response, when reading any article about something scary, or scary to YOU. thats really what this is about, and what will become important for people as groups and friends and individuals to begin to learn- is “who am i” “what am i” and “what do i want to do with my life here” because most people ask one or two, say “oh i dunno thats hard” and stop. well ., its hard because you're not supposed to know. goals are fine, but just live life, and enjoy it- but make your own decisions. leave room for adventure. and please, wash your hands, and practice good hygiene, and respect the distance between other people, which makes them feel safe emotionally, and is also given the current world- a really intelligent idea. no, ramo reads a lot of stuff, and believes what he sees come to pass in front of him, until then we are literally all just contributing guesses. and as someone with a strong imagination and a powerful will, instead i am contributing projects, as my contribution and answer to this situation. while not directly related to virus remediation, i know if taken to heart, what im working on would lighten the load. just do your part in life.] [when you are supposed to be developing a fear response and feeding into whatever shit the author intended, for you to probably follow their blog- its pretty common as a tactic, because they dont have to be creative or innovative- because the fear portion + the logic + marketing has got you at this point for most folks.] – Complete and total secondary lockdown (much stricter than the first and second rolling phase restrictions). Expected by end of December 2020 – early January 2021 – Reform and expansion of the unemployment program to be transitioned into the universal basic income program. Expected by Q1 2021. – Projected COVID-19 mutation and/or co-infection with a secondary virus (referred to as COVID-21) leading to a third wave with much higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection. Expected by February 2021. [ i told you all in april of 2019 they were just doing accounting, and to sit tight, expect one quarter, then a more thorough test of their economic book keeping, next year.] [ they need to figure out how much to contract the dollar by, before switching to a global currency that is digital primarily, not primarily analog and tracked digitally. so please stop fucking freaking out. your money is already tracked in the computer and all this is really is a better system to do it, and by better they mean more accurate, for you- with faster money moving around, less waiting time (think like the ach hold will likely be a thing of the past) as it's got to do with technical bank hardware, more than actually anything else...] [so while you all use money on a day to day basis and apparently most of you have no intention of stopping, nor do you need to stop money is not a problem or the problem, it is a tool unless you're an overly exhuberant 20 something, and then it is an enemy but it is just a tool, like a screw driver. sometimes you need it, but you'd better keep it around unless you don't live around other people, infrastructure, civic buildings, roads etc). those things are leveraged in their repair frequency using a system that operates on money. you need the stuff, unless you're just going to be captain dickbag coming into town, and using the roads just because they're there. well, truly everything is free- and thats fine, and good and we all actually as adults understand that, but there is something to be said for a positive about how money in one sense, does keep people from say, trying to build a rocket launcher into the outer atmosphere (oh wait, desert flat earth guy, but that is a tragic story, but it did attempt to happen i guess. sigh.) he died, may he rest peacefully, but unfortunately ... ahem- thats never going to be a possibility, as he fell from earth from oh, lets say about ¾ths of a mile up, and directly into the desert floor like a lawn dart. ] it was terrible, i cried, and it took about a week to get over having seen that shit. i've only seen one dead body in real life, and that was waaaay more than enough. i cannot ever forget that day. ok i'm tangenting, that means pizza is emminent, but let us continue we are almost done, so far this article has literally not said a gosh darn jack shit except pander to all the validly fearful feelings people are having right now, who probably watch tv, listen to the news, check disaster alert feeds, and do stuff like that. dude. go outside. i promise you'll feeel better. unplug all that stuff. and if you dont, it may take a while. but eventually... you will. in the meantime, wash your damn hands, and practice good sanitation, and respect the distance from other people, when it is appropriate, out of RESPECT for their fear, and the current events as we're told they're unfolding in our world. What else, really are you to do? There is no point in being “a fighter,” against something like this. That also is your primal response, but dont get me wrong I ain't saying what to do. What I am saying is my opinion- that “fighting something like this is pointless because ________ and the because is well lets see, the people who are in charge of this stuff, don't particularly have any interest in you stopping them, so this is and should be common sense. If you want to be somethings enemy, align ideologically opposite to it, and stick around. It works every time. It's the law of the universe, or some shit. look it up. moreover, its physics, and math, and hard science. also look it up. also read a book on logic also in no way is any of this meant to be mean. it is just that i spent the last 30 minutes typing this, and i could do this every time they spin the hamster wheel and shoot out something new. -but you know what i do instead? i just dont fuck with their stuff, mind my own business, (which is the business of being happy and helping other people build and do things, realize things, become more effective and calm, loving, broad, happy and WISE, AGILE people. (but i can only teach you what the tools i know are), and how i use them, or other ways i know to use them, i can't do anything for you other than that. in this life, nor could anyone else. i am again, tangenting. its important to realize this one small detail that is missing from this article: (you get to define what you do with your life, and that means everything. if this doesn't fit or make sense, don't worry about a single word. they're doing accounting to ensure that we don't have global hyper inflation over night, the stock market computers can be turned off and on again once after they insert the new math they have been collecting and working really damn hard on, and all this so you can continue to watch netflix, eat kraft mac and cheese, and eat hot dogs in the summertime. please, don't destroy the world, leave the govt alone, they're not out to kill anyone. they would have done that a long time ago, if that was their plan. i also expect this to be my least popular post ever, but i also expect that someone sees i'm speaking common sense. as that, i will not be publishing this on facebook, so nobody can douche bomb my profile later. instead, i will do something intelligent. but not out of fear, out of statistical probability and avoidance. this is the difference between an action of logic, and an action of fear. an action of logic is just a small tweak to something in life, an act of fear takes the control away from YOU, because ....YOU let it. this, instead is how adults who are effective do things, a healthy way. its just called common sense. a lot of you forgot what that looks like, but it is still in there buried, go dig around for it and bring it back- it's helpful, and easy to forget in a stressful, traumatic world. also remember, someone somewhere right now, loves the shit out of you. so just have a beautiful life okay? if you see my profile dissapear over election stuff, it is not because they “took my profile down.” it's because i finally pulled the plug for good on it. I don't want to be on this website anymore. and have just been waiting for a critical mass of people i actually love in stategic places to get the fuck over to my website, even if they dont use it. just make an account to have a point of contact with me, because i value YOU, and would have stayed off facebook from 2010 onward, if you recall i came back in 2013, and its been hit or miss since. well, i knew all this you're dealing with on facebook right now was happening before 2010. don't ask me how i know, because i wont tell you, but i promise i do not work for any government agency, i'm just good with patterns. 🙂 – Daily new cases of COVID-21 hospitalizations and COVID-19 and COVID-21 related deaths will exceed medical care facilities capacity. Expected Q1 – Q2 2021. – Enhanced lockdown restrictions (referred to as Third Lock Down) will be implemented. Full travel restrictions will be imposed (including inter-province and inter-city). Expected Q2 2021. [i'm hungry and been typing into this mafakker for 45 minutes now.] im done. time for chocolate chip cookies, and pizza. and tomorrow, a salad. ferral though. – Transitioning of individuals into the universal basic income program. Expected mid Q2 2021. – Projected supply chain break downs, inventory shortages, large economic instability. Expected late Q2 2021. - – Deployment of military personnel into major metropolitan areas as well as all major roadways to establish travel checkpoints. Restrict travel and movement. Provide logistical support to the area. Expected by Q3 2021. Along with that provided road map, the Strategic Planning Committee was asked to design an effective way of transitioning Canadians to meet an unprecedented economic endeavor. One that would change the face of Canada and forever alter the lives of Canadians. ECONOMIC COLLAPSE-DEBT RELIEF-PROPERTY CONFISCATION What we were told was that in order to offset what was essentially an economic collapse on an international scale, the federal government was going to offer Canadians a total debt relief. This is how it works: the federal government will offer to eliminate all personal debts (mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc) which all funding will be provided to Canada by the IMF under what will become known as the World Debt Reset program. In exchange for acceptance of this total debt forgiveness, the individual would forfeit ownership of any and all property and assets forever. The individual would also have to agree to partake in the COVID-19 and COVID-21 vaccination schedule, which would provide the individual with unrestricted travel and unrestricted living even under a full lockdown (through the use of photo identification referred to as Canada's HealthPass). [not sure, again- i have cookies and trying to finish reading this and will just tell you at this point i dont know about details but it all sounds very normal of a govt reform program strategy, but with 9000x too many words from someone who was not there, and does not understand the document they paraphrased. okay, i'm done..] Committee members asked who would become the owner of the forfeited property and assets in that scenario and what would happen to lenders or financial institutions, we were simply told: “the World Debt Reset program will handle all of the details”. Several committee members also questioned what would happen to individuals if they refused to participate in the World Debt Reset program, or the HealthPass, or the vaccination schedule, and the answer we got was very troubling. 'PUBLIC SAFETY RISK” Essentially we were told it was our duty to make sure we came up with a plan to ensure that would never happen. We were told it was in the individuals best interest to participate. When several committee members pushed relentlessly to get an answer we were told that those who refused would first live under the lockdown restrictions indefinitely. And that over a short period of time as more Canadians transitioned into the debt forgiveness program, the ones who refused to participate would be deemed a public safety risk and would be relocated into isolation facilities. Once in those facilities they would be given two options, participate in the debt forgiveness program and be released, or stay indefinitely in the isolation facility under the classification of a serious public health risk and have all their assets seized. So as you can imagine after hearing all of this it turned into quite the heated discussion and escalated beyond anything I've ever witnessed before. In the end, it was implied by the PMO that the whole agenda will move forward no matter who agrees with it or not. That it won't just be Canada but in fact, all nations will have similar roadmaps and agendas. That we need to take advantage of the situations before us to promote change on a grander scale for the betterment of everyone. The members who were opposed and ones who brought up key issues that would arise from such a thing were completely ignored. Our opinions and concerns were ignored. We were simply told to just do it. All I know is that I don't like it and I think it's going to place Canadians into a dark future. Comments


eventually, you will be able to buy for a few bucks each (maybe like 3.99-5.99) depending on length- little clif-note style books. Although they will have nothing to do with that company, and be wholly of my own writing and design, and be on different topics i have been able to do well enough that i may write about them, to instruct what i know of ** how that thing, how to, “thing” it, correctly, without breaking it. **

this will be a little book store with QR codes for your iPhone/iPad/Android and stuff like really easy to use, like shopify but easier, or maybe even that! but probably easier. the site is:


and dont worry, you will be reminded later, but without the crazy ass blog entry i was asked to form an opinion about. by the way, that opinion is a lot like a bob marley song “ dont worry be happy”.

thats about all i got, i dont how how to solve the rest of that, because it's not my job, so therefore i feel a tremendous sense of joy not having to solve it. that doesn't mean i don't care, i am following health statistics and the global developments of this thing just like anyone else that has a good heart, and cares about others, and lives here with all the rest of yall.

dont forget that everyone behind a keyboard is another person just like you. and probably trying to do something that makes more good happen, so. just bear that in mind, the next time you get mad. :)

with love,

the guy who wrote this thing, who is just a guy. :) and really does not ever intend to fix any typos here. ever. ive decided thats not my job, and just like that it doesn't bother me. ;) sometimes obviously, you have to deal with life, but most of of the time, you deal with it by taking a deep breath, and doing whatever it was you were doing before, that was useful.

kind of funny, that.

[also i'll put this at the beginning and the end, because its important. if you want to be upset about something, that is your action. you do have other choices. ] you can ignore it, you can continue on, you can ignore it, you can ignore it. see when something bothers you it is not necessary to do anything.

sometimes it is, like if you spilled water on the floor, but if its the action of another person, then its not really the same thing, and there is room to look at it , from different angles to perhaps learn more of what is actually probably going on, because, this is helpful.]

[remember if you want to be mad you are going to be mad, if you want to be happy, you will be happy. if you dont believe me, try it until it works your mind is powerful, learn to use it correctly if you aren't. you'll have much greater success in life, and you can do it.]


so this is what i wrote to introduce the topic on mytribes.net, which is here and reproduced below. consider it a summary in part of part of what you just read above: read this post over at www.mytribes.net – cruelty-free community-building for the future.


I got asked “what do you think of this?” well, I read it, and analyzed it. (for what it's worth.) but you don't have to read it unless you want to and choose to. in looking for a photo to put along with this article, I realized there-in nearly everything I said is a total paradox. For what that's worth. Oops. (We're all learning, literally all the time...)

i may not have explained anything correctly, and or maybe I did. Sometimes life is like that. I mean no harm, ever- but i am imperfect, so i hope this is useful to someone, something in here. :)

we need to as a species, remember or learn more about our basic physical and structural autonomy in regard to living a productive, happy life around other people in society.

unfortunate that I even have to say these words, but I am here to help in whatever capacity I've decided to, moment by moment, day by day.

I spent the last HOUR writing you an article, which is an analysis of some popular “fear porn” article you probably have seen floating around facebook. or somewhere. nobody is to blame, that doesn't matter, and isn't important. what is important, is the article is summarized very poorly from a well meaning human, who read an article about financial reform, was worried about the virus, and did something in lab science we never do- because it does not bear accurate results “we created a cross domain correlation” and it is unproven, and thus irrelevant. (it doesn't exist.)

much of the way the article attempts to fit the authors reality of the virus and that 'present tense global life experience/reality', —— the way the author talks, is just like a regular human being who is overwhelmed.———– shoot they definitely sound very over whelmed. this is a normal human response, the world is very very weird currently.

but here's the thing- instead of giving into fear, and making things INFINITELY more complicated , give in to LOGIC and RATIONALITY, REASON and OBSERVATION. these are things that do save lives, keep people from jumping to rash decisions and ruining other peoples lives for no good reason other than they “jumped the gun”. where do you suppose that expression means? GOING TOO FAST. slow down and LOOK.

at the minimum ask yourself when you dont understand something the “5 w's” who what where why how and when. ;) it will save you from screwing up a lot of shit, if you just do that and nothing else.

okay here's my article. Teresa Stansfield well um, i answered: its a bit long, but i didnt use complicated words, and explained as much as i had patience, time, and hunger allowance for. now, i am going to eat those cookies that i kept mentioning in the article. LOL https://nuggets.meatbox.org/well-hope-this-is-helpful

https://wtf.omfg.blog/space-between-notes-and-notes this one's interactive! after reading, there is a link at the bottom to share your thoughts privately if you wish. 🙂

#internet #webbernet #jimi-hendrix would be amused


Was thinking about David Crosby.... The man has been in the public eye since the 1960s..making music and spreading ideas.. That's a long fucking time. He apparently is doing a question and answer session on tv. oh wait facef**** i think. “ask croz live” “wed 2pm est” “14th” :) Oh, thats in about an hour or so. Well, get on it then. Here's the entry~

Lori Stein that was also my point Lori. I think being famous has to be INCREDIBLY hard, and im guessing he figured out ways to translate that energy into a personality and then feed it back to the fans, thus staying relevant for multiple decades...(and not destroy himself thus in the process like most rockers do.)

he took the energy and figured out some way to transform it- the energy of stardom/fandom. This to me is the fascinating part.

it is —-this—– dynamic- tha of an artist that listens, and plans on a multi decade level – this interests me. nothing else. because it's deals with how to identify parts of and trace a pattern through a long long term course, and i'd say he has been very successful, and is old as shit, has done a lot of things, and is probably really interesting if you get him to open up. id love to have coffee with this man. i could learn a lot.

By submitter #1

This is a test submission.

I have a juicy article for you.



#test #privacy #humans #passwords #patterns


But I honor life every day, and constantly strive to work towards both small and large scale goals that..


Let's start by acknowledging our world can be so fast paced you literally can let so much data flow to your feeds or devices, etc through your own curiosity and selectivity .. that you can easily rationalize it and drive yourself mad, entirely by accident.

Now lets be honest and take a look at ourselves and begin to allow ourselves to wonder how this kind of thing may have a role in our lives, or if it does- it's time to think about it again, but in a new way because the last time didn't work.

or maybe you just didn't have the correct variables and perspective framing laid out in your head yet.

Often, and I know this may feel ridiculous, but many people miss out in a big big way on processing or experiencing a situational resolution or are stalled in their overall personal growth- because they are ashamed of validating themselves, and of hearing themselves validate their inner voice, out loud. This is ** extremely ** common in our world.

So common odds are greater than 50% that you have this affect you to a degree, and odds are it's such a deep wound that you won't even be able to tell it is there, or you will immediately say no it's not. These are your hints that you have work to do, when you're feeling fearless.

Or if you're up against the wall continually day in and day out, you can't wait any longer, you just need to start ** validating your inner voice and growing that sense of inner security and sensibility ** because you have waited too long, and risk bad things if you continue to live each day in emotional denial.

To make matters more complicated, many mental illnesses can be eliminated entirely by lifestyle changes to sleep, diet, mindfulness practices, and therapy.

Sounds like common sense to me, but if you're experiencing the thick of something, it sounds like someone hates you and wants to make you suffer or is trying to make you die.

The associated fear from having a problem like this is real to the person, and this is why they seem so strange to you. They're suffering in a world created by their own mind and experiences, that have yet to be resolved.

That's it! They're not mentally ill. They're just ** suffering . ** and quite a bit. Also, a great many mental illnesses would be partially resolved by adding in vitamins and good food and doing nothing else besides quitting alcohol.

Alcohol, and we will talk about this at some point elsewhere in a more detailed article but make it easy to understand about what happens from the moment you sip, to the time the alcohol is cleared, but later, and just know for now- that alcohol is ** literally ** the metabolic waste product created during the energy production cycle of the bacteria we know as “yeast.”

Did you ever wonder what the fuck it actually is ? Does it matter? yes. Not right now though.. But yeast produces alcohol after it finishes its life-cycle and makes more yeast. It does so via the conversion of sugars.

But the point here, is alcohol is the byproduct. Keyword here is the prefix “by” in Latin that means “created in the way of or next to something else, as a result of that other process, but not intentionally sought out or necessarily even desirable.”

So, we've as a society been chugging a thing that's made when another thing is made. Well yeah eventually we just went after that thing, but What does alcohol do to the human body?

It kind of... suspends all normal operation, and then acts like draino for all the vitamins and minerals and nutrients in your bloodstream, brain tissue, and your fatty tissues that your body stores nutrition and power, stamina and the rainy day supply of vital life force in...

Well, alcohol acts like liquid plumbr or draino on all that.

So I have to say I have been Sober 100% from alcohol without even a desire (minus one time for five minutes in the first month while walking past a store and having just had an argument)

But I walked by and convinced myself “NO” and “I LOVE YOU” and “YOU'VE COME SO FAR” and I just kept adding days.. Now its been over 2 years and its beyond second nature, there is no thinking about it, and no trigger even discussing or recommending drinks to people who still do it, if the topic comes up in a social setting.

So having been sober since June 31st, 2018, I can tell you it was holding me back in ways I cannot even get into here right now, because I want to write about it elsewhere more thoroughly, and I can try to remember to add that here, but I will likely share that in this blog, so just wait around for it-

But if you have PTSD or something going on, just fucking be honest with yourself and if you can try to stop drinking (its really hard to be honest here and this is one reason the addiction continues) it blunts registration of the actual stuff you'd need to understand to see yourself..

So this is your invitation instead, hey if you drink and you have anxiety or trouble sleeping, try stopping drinking for 2 weeks. or 10 days. or 7. Pick a number you like, and don't plan to drink after, just plan to drink if you really feel like its going to kill you if you don't, give yourself the option to drink but expect not to drink and experience “something new” instead.

If your willpower is strong enough you will have a new experience emotionally the next time you get stressed and successfully avoid drinking. Congratulate yourself by saying I love you, you did the right thing for yourself.

You're going to be here a lot longer now, and you're going to be a much more effective useful better person because of this.

I hate to say it so bluntly only because of the negativity it brings on, but alcohol is a biological poison to the human body.. There is literally no way around it.

But , this article was about reducing stress, and likely if you drink, at this point me telling you so many reasons not to drink has probably got you reaching for a drink if you didn't pour one to read this article. (and depending on the time of day.)

Point is trust me you are better off.

But don't get mad, try it ! If I'm wrong, then you can get mad, that will be fun logically argument wise because I know I'm right, and I can be gentle with you until you see it. LOL (also, this does not apply to very many situations in life.)

So don't think I get off on forcing my perspective on people ... I don't .
> Life is not one size fits all, what works for me may send you into an absolute disaster spiral. Also keep that in mind.

But about those damned notifications, just get rid of them.

And don't forget to try talking to yourself for personal growth !

About that.. Much personal growth because they are told “they're crazy if they talk to themselves.” sometimes the only way to hear something clearly enough in a therapeutic or self-referential context is literally ** to say it out loud. **

Give yourself permission to say things out loud, it's not crazy – it's expressive. And if it's important enough to say out loud, when you are ** all ** by yourself, it must be pretty fucking important. So Justly, Let it out.

“now is the time to bring back away messages.”

^ the inspiration for this post

The Chronological Imperative: (and above and around the story-time-associated-details painting a more thorough picture / cross slice of another implication into common vectors of stress in the 21st century in regards to attention and focus, lifestyle diet, etc) find those, they're all peppered everywhere in here.

Okay, back to The Chronologically Oriented Response to the Article Suggestion of turning off notifications to increase focus and ones general effectiveness:

Well duh, how do you expect to get work done with all those pinging noises, popups, and notifications of different kinds in various places?

I temporarily (very temporarily) went insane (for about a day) and decided to just disable notifications entirely.. It was a bold move, but it was the result of sitting around watching my mood as I'd use my tablet, phone, or laptop- and how it would devolve to internal feelings of anxiety, worry I was forgetting something (I was,) – and other similar feels.

Well, I will keep this straight forward – that's from trying to focus and having too much going on, and also trying to focus on that. You are destroying your brain.

and you are more accurately destroying your ability to concentrate, and actually if you continue the process far enough, you will actually destroy your ability to create anything yourself, ultimately- because you will be unable to focus, and even if all distractions are removed from a room, you will be in experiential “soft-state” of PTSD based on your habituated brain patterning (yes “what your body is expecting your day to go like because of the habits it formed releasing all those stress chemical signals in your brain)

but more importantly to know that until you therapeutically re-pattern- (and you can do this yourself or with a friend), you don't have to pay a professional- it just is more, intimate and faster if you do it yourself- professional therapists that are intuitive enough to UN-pattern things like this and advanced enough to not take notes, and not practice by the book- and do so in security, progressively- until they retire— are in the rarest echelon of therapist. Most of them are following treatment protocols designed for prisoners of war, or inmates, and they're roughly 140 year old process flows as well, so they are not appropriate for therapy.

So, until you re-pattern your entire mind, anything you do like say, check your email for work (if it's on your phone) you will be stressed until you re-pattern, because the phone used to make notifications..

So that's about the extent of it, but perhaps I'm lucky to have realized this, perhaps it was all the work I've relentlessly put into myself non-stop, for the past 20 years.. Hard to say, but probably both in some combination.

Here's what I can tell you after 3 years of not using notifications (except very selectively for email) and only in one program, and only some of the time.

I feel a LOT better. I sleep better, I think better, and I can have my own “new” thoughts, instead of just reacting to stuff and having that been my day. I actually have the freedom to think about things I've never thought about, and choose the topic I'm thinking about myself, without looking at ANYTHING, or having to tell anyone about it, or feel worried I'm going to be pulled away from my discovery fun time. It is glorious.

I am more productive in every way, and have a lot more fun doing it.

Oh, or also, I don't feel that I'm going to have to be held accountable to someone for having been curious and reading about a particular thing, which is something I was experiencing to a very mild degree. It's a (social media consequence- it is a neurocognitive ** bleed ** through symptom), its an associative barrier being crossed between the domains of social pattern recognition, self-identity and habituated behavioral association.

So, just a thought, turn off the notifications if they bug you. It may sting at first you may worry, but you are not missing anything. That's the PTSD letting you know it is there, and if you are able to pull away long enough to think through your behavior and want to be happier, try pulling the plug on all your notifications.

I can't predict what will ultimately happen, but I really cannot possibly even fathom going back. My focus is too precious.

Also, because people do dip-shit things when they feel threatened or attacked, I'm not talking about you, and I'm also not a doctor, so don't take anything here as medical advice.

Also in general this is good advice for anyone, even the author, who does not live on a high horse, and is so fucking humble you'd literally be shocked if you understood how UN-shakeable that was...

Learn to be responsible for your own damn life, and when you fuck it up, that's your fault. Learn from it, and then take a break, watch other people fuck up for a bit so you can get some free mileage, and then try again differently. To repeat the same way is just not going to work. Bring in new ideas.

It is also real important to mention that if all this is new information, you should probably just get a therapist for a little while, it is helpful if you're ** new ** to self improvement.

Also, any little thing that improves your life, no matter how small- is worth doing.

All the best and know you got a friend in this, even if we never talk – I care, and wish the best outcome for you. There really are people out there like that. I am one of them.

My friend Jameson posed this question yesterday. My answer, was terrible-

but likely not nearly as bad as some of the others.

my answer was terrible:

one always arrives on time and fully cocked-n-at-the-ready, the other one smokes a fuck-ton of pot and falls asleep mid river or near the banks often, and relies on a most unusual hunting strategy. he falls asleep until his prey bump into him from either an accident or the current of the moving water, and then he snaps the shit out of them and gobbles them up like the little surreptitious happen-chance river Doritos they are.

(but its not just fast enough?)

####Yeah– I just had that happen to me. But I still don't have it back and it's been 20 minutes now. Oh well.

Hello There :D ~ This blog will probably produce about 2-4 posts a day, and sometimes maybe up to 5 or 6 posts. It's intended to be “raw and real” but not in any way intentionally provoking, however life fucking sucks sometimes- and so it may be weird to read, but it's fully transparent, and honest- and that's hard for most people to do- so this is as much therapy for me, as it could be for you to perhaps inspire you to face your inner meatbox, and see whats churning around on the spit.

I had written part of the above more eloquently and slightly differently so I will include it below, and then let you know that I may say things that piss you off here, but the golden rule applies- I'm never trying to harm anyone, because I hold myself to an inordinately high standard of morality and virtue in every way possible, but I am not a dick about it- but you don't know me at all, so I have to say all of this stuff just once.

Here's the alternative version:


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