ever forget what you were thinking but know it will come back

(but its not just fast enough?)

####Yeah– I just had that happen to me. But I still don't have it back and it's been 20 minutes now. Oh well.

Hello There :D ~ This blog will probably produce about 2-4 posts a day, and sometimes maybe up to 5 or 6 posts. It's intended to be “raw and real” but not in any way intentionally provoking, however life fucking sucks sometimes- and so it may be weird to read, but it's fully transparent, and honest- and that's hard for most people to do- so this is as much therapy for me, as it could be for you to perhaps inspire you to face your inner meatbox, and see whats churning around on the spit.

I had written part of the above more eloquently and slightly differently so I will include it below, and then let you know that I may say things that piss you off here, but the golden rule applies- I'm never trying to harm anyone, because I hold myself to an inordinately high standard of morality and virtue in every way possible, but I am not a dick about it- but you don't know me at all, so I have to say all of this stuff just once.

Here's the alternative version:

Also, as a general disclaimer I like to write into my blogs-

I am totally different than most people, but we are very the same in that- I may say stuff that doesn't make sense or is offensive here, but it is never meant to be offensive, its just so because we hold differing perspectives, experiences, triggers, memories, and so on- but just know that I always mean well, but I also believe fully in describing things in the most useful way possible, and in many cases – lets face it life is fucked up.

So, this may occasionally read that way, but just know that it's out of full transparency, and there-in full ** integrity* and authenticity. Something that most people don't dare to fucking do, so it appears to them, -to be offensive.

That is how it registers psychologically anyways, and on a neuro-sensory level – “oh my golly geez! that is offensive, i can't believe he thinks that, or said that” is what you get.

when in reality, the readerjust had a bad shake around whatever i was talking about, and all memories may be clouded, for example~ (or permutations therein/thereof/without/within/etc) *OR

I forgot. whatever the other part was.

You get the idea. I'm never trying to be rude, an arse, racist, a pig, or anything connected ideologically with a person who is intentionally characterizing the semblance and construction of their speech to incite or with regards to a potential provocation , you have the wrong guy- I am not that guy.

I write out of love, out of observation of reality, and out of trying to help others by sharing experiences that are perhaps relatable, or perhaps just entertaining, or perhaps I just find it fascinating for what-ever-the-justification-may-be.

That! Is what this is.

Oh, and I will be keeping this shit to a reasonable length, unlike some of my other more “thinkier” blogs which are highly uh, verbose.

(in the context of this blog, this post is wildly long and super out of control,) if that gives you an idea of what I am trying to do here.