How can you tell the difference between a crocodile and an alligator?

My friend Jameson over at facebook posed this question yesterday. My answer, was terrible-

my answer was terrible:

one always arrives on time and fully cocked-n-at-the-ready, the other one smokes a fuck-ton of pot and falls asleep mid river or near the banks often, and relies on a most unusual hunting strategy. he falls asleep until his prey bump into him from either an accident or the current of the moving water, and then he snaps the shit out of them and gobbles them up like the little surreptitious happen-chance river Doritos they are.

but likely not nearly as bad as some of the others were, but also relatively they were all intentionally bad-

** you should have seen the hilarious memes being added to the thread . .**

but ~ !

besides a little humor, what this section really is “which is about this blog” and a disclaimer, in case your ass is reading my blog, gets ** butt-hurt **, and instead of flaming me quietly in some message board somewhere or worse, here's an invitation to actually take it up with me, but only after you've slept on it. Read on through the next paragraph for details on that.

Communication and Chess, are great equalizers. But the greatest of all? Perspective, and the cultivation of understanding until peace is established, and a normal mode of being can be re-established. Until then, each moment of your life rightfully feels like the end of the world, so you're on edge- I get it.

But lets get down to it shall we? :


is the most important rule in this blog, and while this blog is avant-garde, weird, progressive, challenging, stupid, boring, retarded, a waste of your time, or maybe some cool shit you enjoy and look forward to, it will be at times confusing, and at times it may be non-linear as hell..

but, ..above all else remember this one thing: no harm or malice is intentionally implied towards another creature, being, animal or thing in this blog, intentionally- ever. But there will be things you can rationalize as “shit talking,” but it won't be, it may be critical discourse on a situation, but it isn't intended to be harmful. Bearing things like that, in mind- and extrapolating I hope you can understand my meaning here, it is important.

I may be discussing something that sucks, and there's going to be no way around that, contextually and matter-o-factually whatever it is may be uncomfortable. But it's up to you to realize that no matter how sweaty and weird it may get around here, I'm never trying to hurt anybody,

So if this blog ever bothers you enough that you feel you need to do something bad towards me, first check your head, then after you've slept on it a few days if you still have a problem, contact me -

My details are on – All things considered, you probably just have a need to express something and get it off your chest, about whatever the thing bothering you was, and I don't mind being that ** somebody ** to listen and help you to finish processing it to feel better.