“Never Forget.” – On honoring life, Some Poems Written on 9/11, and moving forward iteratively in the present simultaneously for the future, as a global community-


But I honor life every day, and constantly strive to work towards both small and large scale goals that..

I forget every year.

But. I ..

Seek to leave something useful for the benefit of humanity if only to hopefully catalyze what will begin to be a rectification process for people taking responsibility for their own lives and communities, for their own health and individual and collective well being,

for re-actively re-integrating common sense and basic life skills, and more advanced ones, to make the internet powerful and freely use-able and easy to navigate, easy to understand, and easy to trust-

to enable new methods of inter-operation in communities and democratize and localize voting on issues based on addresses and bodies, and city halls, not a central electorate or far away juggernaut -

to use software to architect new ways of doing the things we need to continue to do for a time better, and to aide in a transitional environment once cash is outmoded, and to support a more modular and distributed yet fully contained unified network design, yet fully accessible to the rest of the internet. .

This network is not really a network, its a replacement web browser with contextually intelligent everything, and software that you can have to right out of the gate what you want, not what you're given to choose from.

It will be able to pull in your other stuff, as long as those companies don't pull a stupid capitalist card and block access to the aggregator from doing its work.

By aggregator, I don't mean a web crawler hooked up to an RSS feed and a meta search operator field, I mean some next level shit I am not comfortable with discussing publicly.. But if you get involved.. you can help shape it with me. So get involved.

More Splattering of Network Notes: (which will be soon living in their own blog. the-realized-network.blog but not just yet so we are here for now.) If you hadn't noticed by now, you are going to start seeing a lot of different sites start to talk to each-other, or me talking from lots of various platforms – this is intentional and a highly relevant aspect of the network design and functional implementation in the beginning stages, and don't be confused by it- I don't just make all these domains because I can't decide what to call my blog, I'm building something very very big and complicated, but in such a way that it is entirely not complicated to use, but it is capable of doing both simple, intermediate and super stupidly complex things, that we currently don't have “answers” or existing methods, for how to do, visualize, or think of things in these ways.. But they are going to be introduced...

New relationships and relational metrics for evaluating and living life by the principles of our natural world, of philosophy and the human sciences, of the more practical things like health and cooking, and so on. There's justcook.net for that, and others.


Omar Out !

Have a great day! (lux lucis anima vitae ab memoriam.) 9-11-2001

the network and associated sites are all running localized and central silo-ed db's and there are object caches that operate within all of the sites that move data types around and help to build a meta oriented objectivity model if you just leave it in “learn as I go mode” ....

in a centralized silo-ed DB written from scratch with protocols written from scratch, and stuff.

and i say and stuff playfully because i was actually writing about 9/11 but I am so damn passionate I cannot keep my mouth shut. Get used to it. Either join me or ignore me or help, its likely not going to stop, but I'll not be annoying about it, and there's something there for everyone- so get used to hearing about it and all of the ideas.

I need your help building the damn thing anyway, and it's for you so lets connect and discuss if you think you can help or know someone who knows things or has a unique perspective or thinking style. I want to talk to them and see if they can break my brain. ** If they succeed, they're on the team. . **

So I don't feel guilty for forgetting a media trope that's currently surpassing I love lucy in analog rebroadcast footage in our inner atmosphere with the rest of all those signals, (they're all out there, if you weren't aware..)

but I do want to ** stress ** very clearly that every year I do take a moment of silence on this day to honor the life that was lost.

I wrote a poem that I will share here, in my first book of poetry, “Poems From The Outside Edge.” – this was written the day of Sept 11th, 2001 at around 4:31 pm. -

Life as it is fragile,transient as slipping grains of sand,slides and moves.Do not forget love,as it holds our memories of life's finest.With love, they shall not be fleeting,as our time here goes by.Heed time.Life yields to it.Love binds life,as love is eternal,so is life.

Then a few days later on Sept 30th, I wrote this one- and I just realized within the last year that it was me processing the aetheric signals I was sensing in the air as a trained energy worker and massage therapist (long before it was popular or trendy or even talked about openly in public),

I was studying it formally- but that doesn't make me special it is just context for the paragraph here. The energy in the air from humanity (the aetheric signals) were very sad and angry and then some for a long time.

The poem here written on Sept 30th, I believe is a metaphor for what it must have been like to perish in the towers.

I hope that one can understand I am sharing this because it's relevant to today, and I trust if you are reading this far you are feeling safe to explore your day that day, otherwise you may have just read something else.

Here's the poem, and I do warn you if you visualize each line it's pretty terrible and gut wrenching, but it is what I got from a long lost notebook I found while putting that book together, the second half of this poem serves to illustrate the constant non-dual unified state of reality, if you can see it.

At the same time as this, life was blooming everywhere, and doing exactly what it always does,

Evolve and find a way to continue. . .

The poem (911 part 2, but written Sept 30th 2001.) :

Sept 30, 2001: Sept 30, 2001:

Lucid tranquility, the water lies.

Solid glass, chilled ice.

Stretched- acrostic—- A depression of ground.

Stoic yet expansive, this is the way of the pond, in the days of cold.

In search of life as embers glow, smoke wafts through time and the infinite beyond, and reminds-

of the warmness of the soul.

Hearts bleed, sliver apart slowly by day, quickly by lone night.

Blood from broken heart, weigh down thy broken soul,

Thy broken cry~ out upon the night, screeching to all and any receptive.

No one listens. Thy broken soul remains—- Shattered.

Entree, Crushed aluminum, crushed dreams;

A fickle laugh.

Hardly an afterthought, from the mind of he who demolishes, the one who destroys; All that was known, and dear.

Bongos, Guitars, Saxophones, Trumpets!

Instruments of freedom, and jubilant exaltation, expression – of ...love and passion.

Of unbridled.. magnanimity.. Humanity, of loving conveyance and emotion,

A message of simplicity, joy, vibrato and sonic purity.

Rolling from strings n' stretched surfaces. Resonating and refracting through -

Our auras, and our conscious, Our bodies and our minds, Our souls are all inter-twined.

On this beautiful blue orb, spinning round and round as it goes, where she ends up, nobody knows.

But one thing's for sure, we can be good to each-other, and that is always free, so if you love me, care for me or are kind to me, I'll do the same for you.

Yeah so all that happened. The poem is brutal, I almost feel the need to apologize. No human being should ever experience the UN-planned psychological terror of that day. Especially how it was handled.

My opinion, although had I been in charge I have zero answers for how I'd have been handling it nor will I pretend to try.

But , I think commemorating an event and then working towards the uplifting of a lot of people is more important than me “never forgetting,” but I'm okay with the idea that perhaps the entire reason I wrote this post, was to make people who lost someone feel a bit more comfortable somehow, in some weird way.

Or leave some kind of document for the future, supposing the network I'm working on, and the internet in general aren't outmoded at that point by misguided attempts of men who cannot solve their own problems, let alone expect to hire teams of people to solve humanities level problems, caused by capitalism, within the extant framework of said system... We need new stuff not new stuff from people involved in the old thing, and yet I am not working against them, I am working for the people, and not trying to destroy any existing systems of governance, however I may end up solving some of their problems for them.

But on neura lace? no thank you hook my brain to a satellite? are you fucking kidding me? get real. 0 for 1 bossjust another fancy hawked up thing you likely got there, I'll pass on the neura lace Elon, I feel pretty decently equipped already.

The continual improvement of life for people is I feel a worthwhile pursuit, so I will be over here writing and designing that. If you want to support my efforts in any way or join the network, or connect me with people or resources or have ideas, send them to omar@ideamissing.com

Yes, seriously. Oh, and happy 911. I sincerely hope you have a great day, and stay away from your phone-dialer today, it's not a good day for that. and that's a math pun, not a slight in bad taste.

This is the kind of problem that engineers face when dealing with emotionally sensitive situations, and choosing the correct parting words. ^ this is a typical engineer answer above, but luckily I am a humanist and artist also, so I have a sensitive heart, and my actual response in closing is below:

But the correct answer is more like: Today, I stand with you and honor your loved ones if you lost someone, or know someone who was affected- a tragedy of that magnitude should have never have come to pass. Orchestrated or not, that's not the point. I want to communicate now my utmost respects to anyone who passed away that day, or to their families.

over and out,

~a fellow American.

That is far more important and I think the people who passed away feel honored by their loved ones, so I honor them now for a moment of silence as well, and I move on with my day after that, promptly forgetting that September 11th ever happened.

Never forget? Sorry, that was the year I stopped watching TV. I forgot.

** with love and sincerity, **

your humble author.

oh, and good morning from Cali El Sud (the south of California.) I am okay down here, safe from harms way. Another day, someone remind me to talk about the fire and carbon cycle, but I'll probably just end up doing it myself .

with love – ** make ** a great morning for yourself and those you surround.

That's all I got for now.

I'm hitting paste, and I am aware things are a bit out of order, but you're probably getting used to this by now and if not you should be, as it is likely not going to stop but its all being organized behind the scenes later so you won't have to try or worry about that.