passing thought on multi decade artist careers

Was thinking about David Crosby.... The man has been in the public eye since the 1960s..making music and spreading ideas.. That's a long fucking time. He apparently is doing a question and answer session on tv. oh wait facef**** i think. “ask croz live” “wed 2pm est” “14th” :) Oh, thats in about an hour or so. Well, get on it then. Here's the entry~

Lori Stein that was also my point Lori. I think being famous has to be INCREDIBLY hard, and im guessing he figured out ways to translate that energy into a personality and then feed it back to the fans, thus staying relevant for multiple decades...(and not destroy himself thus in the process like most rockers do.)

he took the energy and figured out some way to transform it- the energy of stardom/fandom. This to me is the fascinating part.

it is —-this—– dynamic- tha of an artist that listens, and plans on a multi decade level – this interests me. nothing else. because it's deals with how to identify parts of and trace a pattern through a long long term course, and i'd say he has been very successful, and is old as shit, has done a lot of things, and is probably really interesting if you get him to open up. id love to have coffee with this man. i could learn a lot.